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About Us

Katie Ray Bath and Glow is an inspiration drawn from nature itself. We introduce wellness products that soothe the body and calm your mind. It is a passion project to drift away from the beauty standards and norms and bring in self-love products that turn into wholesome experiences. We believe in organic and pure to get the best of ingredients available by the gift of nature that appeals to the senses. We are focused on making products that make people happy, uplift their moods and create lasting experiences through every product.

The ultimate beauty lies within nature. At Katie Ray Bath and Glow we embrace nature and its magnificent source of beauty. We are a hub for bath and body care essentials where you experience one-of-a-kind curation of our hand-poured coconut - soy wax candles and all organic body care collections. Our products are meant to instill self-love to elevate your beauty. In our organic journey, we keep most of our ingredients natural and pure and stay honest and profound in sourcing them. Our sensual scented candles and body products are devoted to your wellbeing, made with love and the best combination of ingredients from nature.

We leverage the power of fragrance in the spirit to support all natural and no carbon and to induce wellness and joy among the community; it is our way of spreading happiness. Our hand-poured mood- enhancing scented candles and soaps are perfect for every mood and season to elevate the space and make the perfect gift to brighten up the day.
Katie Ray Bath and Glow keeps environmental stewardship at its core by sourcing sustainable products ethically and keeping the carbon footprint low. Majority of our ingredients are organically farmed and do not contain genetically modified materials, synthetic residues, or chemicals- 100% vegan and cruelty-free. We have set the path of sustainability and organic living and with this vision in mind, we are moving ahead with bath and body care.

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